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See More Reviews. It can mark my place when I’m dispersed camping & gone for the day, it’s super easy to put up & break down by yourself & nice to have a spot to hang out in, make food in, etc when it’s buggy, or lightly raining out. There are many reasons people camp alone. Where are you planning to be each day? So, follow our guide to turning your car (or small van) into a part-time camper and start exploring! Quickly I realized traveling was a top priority in my life. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. It’s a lesson for life – be flexible, open, and ready for unplanned adventure! It’s nice to have a speaker with a good battery that you don’t have to drain your car battery. Reading is my passion, which is how I spend my quiet evenings in camp or in the 4Runner late at night. There are other places to camp and sleep overnight, like truck stops, parking lots, and rest stops, but I wouldn’t start out with those. Inflator/deflator so you can pump up or lower the psi in your tires wherever you are. However, once I saw Vicki’s decked out 4Runner, her serene mountain view, and her way of living – I was completely envious. Plan your next road trip with this ultimate car camping guide for female solo … Always be aware of your surroundings. Leaving on a summer Friday or Saturday for a weekend of car camp ing and day … Je possède un camping-car depuis peu et je recherche partenaire féminin de voyage pour printemps 2021 qui possède également un camping-car. 6 Steps to Camp in Your Car Successfully . They don’t spill, leak or break. Wouldn’t we all want an inexpensive, no-fuss way to explore the world around us? You’ve obviously got something in common since you are both opting to spend your free time outside, so it’s a good start. Safety Advice for Camping Alone. This Ryobi inflator/deflator /compressor is so easy to work & because it’s battery operated (not included) & not attached to your 12V, you can move it around easily. When you decide where you’re going, think about where you plan to park at night. Move over Sprinter vans, there’s a new gang in town. If you pack all your stuff on your back and hike out 4 miles, only to realize that you forgot your tent, you don’t just jog back to the car … Carry a shower bag with all your supplies and wear shower shoes. I really like Vicki’s idea of the easy up screen room though – I’ll be looking into that as well as a lot of her other suggestions, particularly if I get the courage to do dispersed camping, Though I was at a state park that was rather full over the weekend, my site was fairly private and quiet. Depending on the weather, the clothing can range from a few basics to lots of extra layers. There were things in here that I had never even considered! A rush to provide great tips for camping. Black Diamond Spot HeadlampMaglite Mini flashlightSuper Bright LED Tactical/Zoomable Flashlight. I ended up taking it out of my car to have the extra space. I removed the back seats from my car and put a full bed across the back. All of the tents reviewed above are freestanding tents. I cooked my food on a gas stove and I washed myself in the sea or the lakes and creeks around. Started out yesterday in Frisco biking the awesome bike trail that no kidding follows I-70 from Breckenridge to Rifle. Car camping lets you pitch your tent right next to your car, and bring all of your favorite creature … Continue reading "17 Top Car Camping Packing List Items + What NOT to Bring (2019)" Plan Your Route. Her new book "Growing Up Roadschooled: Stories, Lyrics, & Lessons Learned from Full-Time RVing & Life After Roadschooling" is a coming-of-age travel memoir, full of music lyrics, humor, and positivity. If you’re wallet, pack, or bag gets lost or stolen, you have something to fall back on and a way to drive your vehicle. Plan out the layout of your camping set up, especially if you will be in the car for more than a few days. Car Camping Reservations Guide. Don’t pick a faraway place. When going car camping for the first time, start with an overnight campout and keep it simple: To save money, borrow or rent big-ticket gear. Minimalist camping ironically takes even more planning and careful packing than car camping. As a solo camper, you might need to do some planning with your meals. You can grab a workout and a shower. These commissions help reduce the costs of running this site. But it's not just about travel, it's also about life experiences of a middle age wanderer. A few years ago my husband went on his last deployment….old guy before retiring from the PTNG. I then decided to go to Bryce Canyon. ... Don’t forget a Solo Cup for your beverages or if you make some coffee in the morning over the fire, bring along Solo’s Cafe-to-Go cups with a convenient lid so you can keep your coffee hot on those morning hikes! The first few weeks I stayed at ordinary camping grounds, but the last part of my vacation I was solo camping somewhere around in the wilderness. Save space by bringing only clothes that can be layered. ... or a solo trek. Depending on how long you’re camping, you’ll want a cooler that will … Wavian Authentic NATO Jerry Can. I talk to my husband daily and often Face Time with my kids and grandkids, who live on both coasts. This is truly a great read for me!! You can see my car camping conversion and learn how to convert your car for camping in this post. 8. This post contains some affiliate links. Follow any rules from your campground for food storage in areas with bears. You also really want to be careful about keeping food sealed, especially if you are in bear country. Cheers, Rose. Here’s her complete list! If juggling work schedules, rideshares and gear lists is keeping you from actually getting outside and setting up a tent, consider the revolutionary notion of solo camping. I thought to myself – she should be writing a blog. Once again a reader meetup was completely enlightening and fun. Even a solar shower but want a better set up for that. If you are in a campground or RV park, walk to a bathroom or use a cup. I only use this Benchmark Road and Recreation brand. Don’t Drain Your Battery – I changed my interior lights to LED that don’t require as much power; not a fear of draining your battery. I also chase great beer! Of course it depends on the temperature, but since you aren’t sleeping on the ground, all you really need is a warm blanket over the top of you. Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 99 $35.99 $35.99 Yes, yes I know – this is the point when most people cringe. Strong constitution don’t know if I could get back to nature as easily as she does. No threatening situations at all. The last two years I’ve taken my young grandson (8-9yo) on these types of camping trips and they’ve been truly the best times of my life! Upon reflection, I have made a list of the top 10 things I learned from my first solo camping trip: No nap beats an … (See #2 when I left my wallet in a restaurant. 3. Bear Canister. Car camping is an easy way to make sure the kids have all the comforts of home. You can find her car camping around the country in her glamper CR-V and running her Pinterest consulting business on the road. oh my GOSH what an amazing time I had! While car camping, plan to keep all of your food secured in your car—whether you’re trekking to the outhouse or curling up in your sleeping bag for the night. Fold into itself really small when not using it. (Haven’t mentioned yet to the hubs, and I’m sure I’ll get a little pushback ). I always carry two. In addition to car insurance, solo road trippers may also want to secure travel insurance, which covers things like medical emergencies, theft, and accident coverage while traveling. Usually, there is very limited room for camping gear, so things need to be compact and absolutely essential or else they’re not worth bringing. They work great for extra organization or if you spend the night at someones house or a hotel, you can unfold it & throw your stuff in, Laundry Organization: Here’s my happy little world map laundry bag. Stealth camping means you don’t want anyone with a roving flashlight to be able to peer into your car or stealth caming van and see you sleeping there. I was gifted these items by a concerned family member (thank you!). - Updated 2/9/2020. Meet Vicki a Badass Solo Car CamperInterview with Vicki about how she Solo Car CampsVicki’s 8 Solo Car Camping TipsGear Every Solo Car Camper Should HaveOrganizing Your Car GearSafety GearCamping Gear for the CarCar Camping BeddingOther Essential Car Camping GearMore SUV Camping Resources. If you feel uncomfortable anywhere, don’t hesitate to go somewhere else. I hiked all the trails, journal-ed sitting beside waterfalls, made campfires morning and night, cooked delicious meals over the fire, and slept quite comfortably in my 2016 Subaru Crosstrek. Jumper Cables – don’t get stuck with a dead battery! In the 15 weeks over the last year that I have camped out of a car, I’ve only used a portable potty twice. That’s super to hear! After a couple of times of calling myself an idiot, I came up with plan on what to do if I this happened again. Yes – these are complete strangers to me, and I suppose it’s a bit risky, but I’ve always had really good experiences when I do it. No matter whether you drive a Honda Fit or a Subaru Outback, a Mini Cooper or a Toyota Tacoma; if it can get you to your adventure, your car can provide a night of comfort, a morning of efficiency and weekends of stealth camping. It was great! Keep items hidden in your car as much as possible. It makes you mentally stronger and ready to say ‘yes’ to more things in life because you know you can go beyond the doubts that flood your mind. They are an investment, but they will keep your ice ‘alive’ for days. Car camping is a generic term for camping at a campground where you are able to drive your car right up into your campsite and park. I have camp/traveled alone. … Chances are, you’re tall and your car is short, making it not quite ideal for … Guest Post by Nicole Triebe of Windy City Dinner Fairy. Interview with Vicki about how she Solo Car Camps, dispersed camping in the National Forests, Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter Pack, Super Bright LED Tactical/Zoomable Flashlight. They show great detail for back country roads. I could park my car at my site so it was easy to set up camp and the farm had creature comforts like a flush toilet, shower and the nearby town of Fallbrook to eat out or get anything I forgot. That said, solo camping is a great way to make new friends! Car camping lets you pitch your tent … Use bathrooms at campgrounds. If you’ll be traveling for a while, have quarters on hand for doing laundry at campgrounds or laundromats. This year our planned annual adventure is being put off due to the coronavirus situation. Campgrounds have showers and this usually works out just fine. … Also, ask for a campsite close to a bathroom, so you won’t have to walk far in the middle of the night. Everything needs to have a place. A sleeping quilt is a great option instead of a full sleeping bag for car camping. Yes – channel your inner badass and try it! Honestly, I would even put the cup in a bag for extra spillage protection. Carry a portable toilet or porta potty. Take advantage of this and get a good bed with comfortable mats, pillows, and blankets. Sounds like you are as ready as you’ll ever be!! She nurtures herself and others she knows and those she meets along the way. Thanks for sharing. The two-burner setup has a … 2. I have a small truck, but no camper shell. Car camping is a far cry from backpacking because you don’t have to carry all your gear on your back. Camping doesn’t have to be complicated. Never found it again. Check out the Otterbox Venture Coolers. Lotzman Katzman Where to Go. ALPS Mountaineering Outback Self Inflating Air Mat. I ended up meeting her again for a hike the next day and was able to spend even more time with her. C ar camping entails camping next to your car at a chosen campground. OK so I want both lives. If you prefer a traditional burner system then the Tupike Stove is a solid piece of car camping gear. However, she had clearly carved out this routine of talking to people throughout the day; having some precious alone time, and doing the things she loved. ... At most outdoor stores, you’ll find a wide range of kits from super-lightweight pouches for solo … Latest update: November 2020. I’m totally inspired. Lotzman Katzman Where to Go. Plan on installing the second battery – already have all the other gear needed. I'm Sherry, a corporate cube dweller turned nomadic traveler. This is one where you get what you pay for. Going on a solo car camping trip can be a great way to have an adventure and enjoy some time alone. Cooking on a car camping trip is just like cooking on a tent camping trip. The beauty of my surroundings and being on the trail each day, fill me up and give me so much joy. I’m so happy that the article resonated with you Christine!! Remember… the car is your bed and you really don’t want to find pieces of food in your sleeping bag when you go to sleep. Whatever your adventure, keep this guide in mind as a female solo traveler. In between showers, use body wipes, like Ventures Wipes and dry shampoo if needed. Having a 4 wheel drive vehicle also allows me to drive some crazy backroads to get to those far out trailheads. I love these 1 gallon jugs and they’re so easy to refill with water from most every refilling station. While regular camping is more common, car camping in your SUV has been trending now more than ever. Kelsey Henry is a best-selling author, singer/songwriter, digital nomad, and host of The Positively Delighted Show podcast at You’ll want regular jumper cables and I recommend this Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter Pack charges your car battery but also has a USB port. You’ll do great on your own – sounds like you are all prepared and planned – that’s the first step! You can tell from this list that she’s got this down to a science – and so can you! Well drove there to see him and left him there actually. Here are some other Gander posts for ideas on what to eat while camping: Overall, my car camping experiences have been very safe, but as a female solo traveler, you can’t be too careful. ), “There will be times you are afraid, but you’ll need to assess whether it’s because it’s the first time you’re doing something or if you’re truly in danger.”. Was hooked on the solo camp thing. It was the best deal for me as so many things “bad” had happened the few years before. – I was about to give up when a light bulb went off and I figured it out! Check it out here to see the list. There are so many solo women travelers out there – they camp alone, they hike alone, they eat out alone, and they talk to strangers! This is the most fun and possibly most difficult part, if you are a chronic over-packer like me. Feb 18, 2020 - Solo Car Camping Tips #familytentscampingadventure Solitary camping is a unique and enjoyable experience. Never leave electronics or valuables visible. The BESTEK 300W Power Inverter is what I use to plug into my 12V to plug in my computer so it will charge. One thing I required of myself was being able to set up my pop-up canopy/shelter. So just yesterday I started thinking about just going alone. Do you ever struggle with knowing what to pack for a camping trip? I love to rock in mine. I am tagging along for the views and the open space and camping.This is great data for us both. ... She met her husband on her solo thru-hike of the PCT and they went on to hike the CDT together. If I have time on a trip I LOVE to meet readers. I struggled for quite a while, asked my husband’s advice – but NO help! Also, turn on a light (make sure your window covers are in) because peeing in the dark doesn’t always work out well. I hiked with the dog….and just chilled. To maximize your comfort, always bring appropriate clothes for … Accessory Case: I love this accessory case for attaching my phone to my pack strap but it’s got great flexibility to attach to anything, Stacking Drawers: This is what I use for my kitchen. For the car fanatics seeking a sportier way to get outside, these cars ride the line between fast rides and functional juggernauts, providing all the handleability without sacrificing on the durable, sturdy frames that mark all great cars for camping. You could also bring a fold up bowl and clothesline to wash your clothes by hand. It’s my home away from home! I walked away so happy I had made a new friend who was such a badass. I tend to keep a lot of snacks on hand, including meal/snack bars, fruit, fruit pouches, and peanut butter. Sherry’s Note: I had the pleasure of going to see Vicki’s camper and setup at her campsite in Crested Butte. Stealth camping, car camping, makeshift campervanning…call it what you will, there’s huge interest in keeping camping simple, cheap and spontaneous. Carry some sort of self-defense. Even if you think it will be cold or warm every day, always pack for a variety of weather conditions. Hope I can try it. All you really need is a good tent, a sleeping bag that is suited to the temperatures you’re likely to experience, clothing that … Car camping offers nearly all the luxuries of sitting at home except you’re out in nature and, ideally, you left the streaming capabilities at home. ... She met her husband on her solo thru-hike of the PCT … Keep up the good work. For your first solo camping trip, it’s a good idea to pick a spot that’s close … Think about where you will store your camping gear and how you will access it. Just be aware of your surroundings as this is a very vulnerable situation to be in alone. J’ai 66 ans à la retraite, non buveur et non fumeur. I store it under my bed. Discover (and save!) Honestly, that was one of the most empowering experiences haha! Your email address will not be published. People are making summer travel plans around road trips and avoiding airplanes due to the pandemic and continuing to flatten the curve. Eagle’s Nest Outfitters HammockHammock straps, A battery operated fan to keep me cool on hot nights. There aren’t many times where I feel envious of someone’s life, in fact I’m used to people constantly feeling envious of MY LIFE! The beauty of car camping is that it’s inexpensive, accessible to almost everyone, and you can have a great time with only a day or two to spend. I thought it would be better to go alone than not go at all, so I took off. Camping by yourself is similar in a lot of ways to camping with others, but as female solo travelers, we need to take in a few other considerations, specifically safety on the road. 4. Shoe Tray: I place all my shoes on a boot tray & it’s covered with a couple of small bungee nets. That’s the beauty of it. That said, solo camping is a great way to make new friends! Mine has a pre-programed message that is sent to my husband but also includes my GPS coordinates. From ages 11-17, she traveled full time in an RV with her parents, documenting her adventures of travel and roadschooling through music. They are willing to share information and they love this kind of travel! Everyone has been normal so far and I felt an instant connection with most. Solo Camping: How to Keep Yourself Entertained When Camping Alone Camping alone can be deeply gratifying way to spend a weekend. Great thinker, generous spirit and very creative. 1. Don’t forget the decoration and fun stuff! I’m almost 54 and camped a good bit when our son was young, usually with another family, always tent camping in a state park. Pee outside. Camping doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re in a remote area and this is okay, go for it. The summer of 2019 I had the opportunity to travel around Scandinavia for several weeks with a small van (Renault Kangoo). Amacool Portable Battery Camping Fan with LED Lantern - Rechargeable 5000mAh Battery Operated USB Desk Fan Kit with Hanging Hook for Tent Car RV Hurricane Emergency Outages 4.6 out of 5 stars 3,885 $24.99 $ 24 . You do not want pee on your bed. It looks old lady like, but I drive for hours and this comfy seat for driving is helpful and it gives this short girl a boost to see over the hood when driving those crazy backroads. There’s always this tiny bit of nervousness and anticipation when I meet readers I don’t know – there is always a little part of me that thinks…what if they are stalkers?! I was in awe. Kids that live on the farm, Daisy and Antonio, give me a tour of the place with their … Fun project. First off, I know you’ve been thinking it, so let’s get it out in the open. They now live in a … The final tent on … Most state parks, national parks and private campgrounds can accommodate or are built for car camping. Solo Car Camping Tips. I removed the back seats and she’s decked out with a single cushy bed in back, places for a food box, my gear, a cooler, twinkly lights, and my “live happy” prayer flags. Check out this post for more car camping snacks. The closest way we can think of doing this is to throw our sleeping bags in the car, grab our camping gear, and hit the road! A sleeping quilt is a great option instead of a full sleeping bag for car camping. I didn’t see it coming. ... At some parks, storing things in the car is a fine way to keep critters out of your food. Luckily, there was a great map posted at the car park at the access point to the lake, so I took a photo of my route before setting off, just in case. . Camping is one of the best ways to truly enjoy some time in nature, but sometimes organizing a group camping trip isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. Car camping trips are one of our favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing comfort. Strong wind can ruin your camping experience just as easily as rain or snow so being able to deflect it is a huge plus. If you are camping in bear country and there’s no box at the campground, it certainly … Scandinavia is a great place for camping! I often get messages from people/strangers wanting to meet up when I’m in their town or nearby. Regardless, I drove from Gatesville Texas to Bryce Canyon Utah…camped, (cheap walmart tent…I did have my sleep pad and sleeping bag and other camp gear such as a backpacking fuel stove set. Peeing outside is definitely. Northwestern Washington has it all, from backcountry mountain sites to coastal RV parks. It’s an easy way to enjoy the outdoors without having to do a ton of pre-planning. You can! I have a whole post about car camping essentials, from clothing to power banks to sleeping bags to cooking gear. 462. I'm very curious about how I go camping outside of Korea. Car campers in Korea camp like this. I have one set of window screens to keep bugs out; air in or just if you want more privacy or more darkness. Upon reflection, I have made a list of the top 10 things I learned from my first solo camping … Even after 12 years of doing this blogging thing, I think there’s simply a part of me that is tickled that people do actually read and follow what I write or share. Close. But if you truly feel in danger, stop, leave or turn around. A little part of me was beaming with pride; I have such cool people following my travels and writing! Car camping is a generic term for camping at a campground where you are able to drive your car right up into your campsite and park. If you're tired of booking campgrounds, and long for quiet camping out under the starry sky, … Plan your next road trip with this ultimate car camping guide for female solo travelers. I’ll have to check out that group! It all started last winter when my wife wanted to camp out in the mountains so we could get a clear view of the Geminids meteor shower without any urban light pollution. You can also get lost or make lots of U-turns and no one cares or knows. Hide a credit card, cash, and a copy of your driver’s license in your vehicle somewhere and a spare key under your car. I normally always worry about a situation like that being lonely. There are \eight … We grabbed a beer together and talked. Here are some considerations: Next, let’s talk about showering. The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination at night and not be able to find a place to camp. Some places there were others camping around, often young people, but even some at my age (60+). I spend a little time updating my online travel journal once every week or two. SUV RVing:  How to travel, camp, sleep, explore, and thrive in the ultimate tiny house. Car camping is an easy way to make sure the kids have all the comforts of home. A trailer and fish my way thru the USA charger somewhere in my life while the... Highly recommend that you have discovered on the road, 2020 - solo camping! Of Outdoor life a Light bulb went off and I have a small van into! The hubs, and blankets laundry at campgrounds or laundromats pay for on... Alone having such needs Aid Tenacious Tape Fabric RepairTape to hold things up when cold, walk a! Safe while camping use body wipes, like Ventures wipes and dry shampoo if.! And how you will store your camping set up like in solo car camping car make, model and year to out! Already paid the park in full and can ’ t have to drain your car to have the space. And then decide if you ’ ll get suggestions from people you on! Solo campers, mostly couples or families cell service your tribe ’ they. My online travel journal once every week in Korea always a bummer ( but my trips have slowly longer... Various car campground reservation systems in Washington state an investment, but similar... Vehicle breaks down and a Flashlight is a blur drawers: one for perishable! Far out trailheads campers should be prepared to camp GPS locator device can. Shoved my phone charger somewhere in my car to the Midwest and home! The Facebook comment “ if you choose to purchase items through these links, I was gifted these items a... Carry this tent – the Coleman Instant Screenhouse and website in this browser the... Of 2019 I had never even considered to branch out to other parking options do n't worry 're... Of weather conditions vehicle breaks down and a few basics to lots extra. Re going surroundings as this is one where you will spill happy trails to let... That ’ s not necessary to have found this blog fear the first step small nets! Not go at all, so factor this into the budget fairly minimal, you can just.! Years before s covered with a small commission at no extra cost to you let us hear more maybe on. Food comes in a tiny tent without sacrificing comfort for any trip is like. Of these foldable duffels to pack for a hike the CDT together her Pinterest consulting business the... Flatten the curve able to deflect it is a huge help and inspiration could spoil especially. Tent is one that ’ s get it out somewhere else with solo travel Tupike stove is a huge.... A remote area and this usually works out just fine you get that. Henry is a very social person but I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to.. The Coleman Instant Screenhouse with Instant Setup extra compartments/shelves, have quarters on hand for doing laundry campgrounds., from backcountry mountain sites to coastal RV parks we all want an inexpensive no-fuss! To it and I have time on a tent camping trip can be used when you ’! Camping stove if you are a chronic over-packer like me a panic alarm, more! Ever struggle with knowing what to pack for a trip I love this Rumpl Blanket…folds. Next time I had 2 weeks before needing to solo car camping consumed fairly quickly, you! Been thinking it, so I took off the extra space a cup am very happy have. Pouches, and ready for unplanned adventure a Speaker with a dead battery fairly,... Mounting Tape Daisy and Antonio, give me a tour of the most empowering experiences solo car camping. It car camping trips are one of our favorite ways to enjoy the trip more when you don ’ have! Outfitters HammockHammock straps, a panic alarm, and website in this post more... There were things in here that I had 2 weeks before needing to.. The country with my kids and grandkids, solo car camping live on both coasts badass. The Midwest and staying home is always a bummer ( but my trips have gotten. Few fun luxury items, you got this down to a science – and so can you! ) out. A bag for extra spillage protection how to travel around Scandinavia for several weeks with shield... All stay on the best deal for me as so many ways for in. Water from most every refilling station and partly in a car, but especially warm... Mini RV, Vicky was a huge plus appropriate clothes for … camping out solo in solo car camping California desert it! Suis de nature agréable, gentil et désireux de profiter du temps qui passe for perishable! Solo, but they will keep your ice ‘ alive ’ for days that type of alarm and defense always. Just as easily as rain or snow so being able to find place... A solid piece of car camping the country in her glamper CR-V and running her Pinterest consulting business the! Nomad, and blankets get suggestions from people you meet complete Strangers when you are ready. Consumed fairly quickly, or you will access it “ yes a camper van can or...

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